About the Museum:

The Dream that was the Erté Museum
of Fashion & Design slated to be opened
in Paris, France was sadly not be. But,
as a tribute to Erté and his outstanding
executers, AJ Fine Arts opened ERTE.COM
in 1995 to take its place. In cooperation
with NYMUSEUM.COM and the complete
set of "MuseumGallery" websites,
ERTE.COM displays portions of the largest
collection of Erté works in the world.

AJ Fine Arts, Ltd. wholesales and Retails
to the trade.  Therefore, our websites
offer the utmost value on every piece
displayed. ERTE.COM is a museum website
that displays the works of Erte and
familiarizes art enthusiasts with the Art Deco

As you browse through numeral pages of
Erte Museum you will encounter plenty
excerpts from different Erte books.

Every care and precaution has been taken
to ensure accuracy and functionality, while
maintaining the simplest way to navigate and
research art online. We remind our
viewers that retail and wholesale items are
available through Erte.com Sponsors AJ Fine
Arts Ltd. through www.nymuseum.com,
Email: Artdealer@earthlink.net or Phone:
718-531-7830.  The images on our site have
been carefully picked and edited to ensure
the best possible experience.

Live browsing assistance during business
hours, as well as 7-days-a-week e-mail
support are available to guide you through
the process. If your not going to an actual
gallery, you might as well have the benefit
of a fully qualified art staff!

We thank you for visiting and hope to
hear from you.

If you have any comments about the Museum
website, please feel free to email us with
comments and suggestions, or any
contributions at artdealer@earthlink.net.

The Web Initiative Staff at
AJ Fine Arts, Ltd.
6208 Mill Lane
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 531-7830